The Introductory Diploma provides an introduction to the sector for learners looking to build a career in sport. The course is specialist and work-related, covering key knowledge and practical skills required for a successful career in the sector.

It is made up of seven internally assessed modules with subjects including: Principles of anatomy and physiology in sport; Sports coaching; Current issues in sport; The physiology of fitness; Psychology for sports performance; and Fitness testing for sport and exercise. The Diploma qualification is the equivalent of two A Levels.

It builds on the Introductory Diploma with a further six internally assessed modules in the same subject areas. This course is equivalent to two Level 3 subjects and provides the possibility to gain the equivalent UCAS points etc. associated with two courses.

Course requirements

C at GCSE PE / Merit at CTEC or equivalent.

What type of student is this course suitable for?

The courses are suitable if you have an interest or passion for sport. Previous study of GCSE PE or CNAT Sport or equivalent is recommended. You should be capable of taking responsibility for your own learning and achievement; it is essential that you meet regular deadlines.

Where could this course take you?

These qualifications will both provide you with a solid foundation in the sport sector enabling you to develop essential skills in order to pursue your education or career in sport, within one of its occupational areas. These areas include careers in exercise and fitness, coaching, sports development and the outdoors. They can lead to a range of higher education courses linked to sport and exercise.

What our students say

Course Information
  • Course level:Level 3 Introductory Diploma or Level 3 Diploma
  • Exam Board:OCR
  • Teachers:G.Fell / B.Coles
  • Location:NK & SRPA

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