A level Dance both practically and theoretically explores all aspects of the subject to mould creative, technical and knowledgeable dancers. The core content of this course is split into three strands: Performance (solo and quartet) Choreography Critical engagement.

You will gain the opportunity to explore and reflect on a range of professional works, whilst understanding the process of choreography and appreciate the technical skills a dancer needs. You will analyse world renowned dance companies such as Rambert Dance Company including their stylistic features, influences, genre and the constituent features of the choreography. Your knowledge will be tested in a written examination, showcasing your analysis skills.

You will explore current dance practice and the history of dance, and demonstrate this by performing a solo and/ or quartet inspired by the professional dance artists you have studied. Additionally, you will create a group piece of choreography based on a set of external questions that will push your limits in creative ideas.

Course requirements

Grade B/Distinction at GCSE/Level 2 Dance or other relevant dance experience. Grade C at English

What type of student is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for learners that are interested in both the theory and practical elements to dance. They must be willing to place a lot of self-directed study time and rehearsals to improve the quality of written and choreographic/performance work. This is most suited for learners who are confident and creative enough to perform and choreograph a solo, and enjoy writing and discussing professional dance works. The course reflects on both historical and current dance practices, making this relevant for learners who wish to pursue dance as a potential career choice.

Where could this course take you?

There are many different strands to dance as a career choice with the help of A-level, such as performance and choreography through company work, community dance, dance therapy, design elements and teaching.

What our students say

  • “A Level Dance has not only enhanced my practical ability, but given me a deep understanding into dance companies and contextual analysis. The course nurtures you to develop your individual style and the teachers push you to reach your full potential. Without this course I don’t think I would have had the confidence to apply for vocational dance courses at universities.”- Hannah Miles, Leaver
  • “A level Dance has given me a wide range of knowledge and understanding of a variety of different aspects within the history of Dance. Dance is no longer just ‘movement’; it is an art that is deeply embedded into the workings of choreography.”- Caitlin Ellidge, Leaver
Course Information
  • Course level:A Level
  • Exam Board:AQA
  • Teachers:Antonia Lloyd & Rebecca Crainie
  • Location:NK

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