2018 Photography Course

Course Information

Have you ever realised just how much photography is all around us? The modern world is experiencing the most rapid expansion of photography that has ever been seen, both in terms of publication and in terms of career opportunities.

This course develops your technical skills in a range of photographic mediums; by exploring the formal elements of photography. You will be required to create a portfolio which is independent and imaginative, applying your research to your own work.

The ability to create, edit and display effective photographs is clearly important as well as being able to review and refine your work as it develops.

Researching the work of artists and photographs is a key component of the course, however you will need to work hard to develop this research into your own creative ideas. The content of a photograph is just as important as the technical expertise; therefore you will be required to be creative.

Course Requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE Photography or Art.

What type of student this course suitable for?

The assessment for photography is throughout the course and requires you to create an in-depth portfolio. Therefore you must be prepared to work independently, continually challenging yourself to shoot a wide range of photographs in a wide range of settings, to develop your skills and extend your ideas. The best grades are achieved if you are willing to experiments and stretch yourself; having patience, though, is a must.

Where could this course take you?

An A2 in photography can lead to a degree course. Many universities offer specialist

photography courses which include placements in studios, magazines, fashion houses etc, It can also lead to careers in fashion, graphic design, journalism, web design and much more.

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Course Information
  • Course level:Level 3
  • Syllabus:A Level