2018 Performing Arts Dance & Drama Courses

Course Information

There are three different strands to the Performing Arts at NHJSF: Dance, Drama, Musical Theatre. Students can study just one strand to achieve an Extended Certificate, two strands to achieve a Diploma or three strands to achieve an Extended Diploma.

For all three strands students will study the same mandatory units which will focus on:

  • research, critical analysis and extended writing skills that aim to support students’ progression to higher education. Students will gain a good understanding of the work of influential practitioners to inform their own work and practice.
  • an introduction to the performing arts where students will develop the appropriate skills and techniques in performance disciplines such as acting, dance, musical theatre and physical theatre.
  • group performance, where students will develop the essential physical and expressive skills essential for the performing arts. They will develop physical techniques as well as wider transferable skills, such as collaborative work, personal management and organisation (rehearsals, time-management), being able to give and take direction, confidence in front of an audience, problem solving (refining the process) and teamwork. Students will understand different audiences in different environments and will learn to adapt a performance to engage the target audience.

In their optional units for Dance students will study:

  • Unit 11 Street Dance Technique
  • Unit 12 Contemporary Dance Technique

In their optional units for Drama students will study:

  • Unit 19 Acting Styles
  • Unit 21 Improvisation
  • Unit 22 Movement in Performance

In their optional units for Musical Theatre students will study:

  • Unit 10 Jazz Dance Technique
  • Unit 20 Developing Voice for Performance
  • Unit 27 Musical Theatre Performance

Course requirements

Students must have enthusiasm for performing and exploring their creative skills. They need to have good organisation skills and be able to work well independently and as part of a team.

Ideally they will have at least a merit grade in level 2 BTEC Performing Arts or grade 5 or above in GCSE Dance, Drama or Music. We will also consider students with other relevant Performing Arts experience.

What type of student is this course suitable for?

These courses are obviously first and foremost aimed at students who have a passion for the performing arts and at Level 3 we offer three strands (Drama, Musical Theatre and Dance) that you can weave together to create a single qualification worth three A Levels. Alternatively, you can study each strand as a stand-alone subject as one of your three choices. BTEC performing arts subjects are a good way to diversify your option choices in sixth form so that you can have a balanced curriculum. The central difference between these courses and A Levels is the way in which you are assessed and in some cases the content. This course is ideal for students who want to develop their creative and performance skills, alongside life skills such as team working, communication and problem solving. Working well as part of a team is essential, as is the ability to work independently and manage time and resources effectively. The performing Arts courses , whether combined or standalone, are perfect for students who enjoy learning practically.

Where could this course take you?

The course would lead into higher education opportunities, such as studying Dance, Drama, Musical Theatre or Performing Arts. It could also lead to careers in performing, choreography, directing, scriptwriting, production design, theatre management, teaching, or community arts. In addition to the performing arts sector, this qualification provides opportunities to develop transferable skills such as self-confidence, self-presentation, personal discipline, time management, leadership skills, communication skills and organisational skills which are highly regarded by higher education and employers.

What our students say

“I think this course is great as it allows you to have fun while learning new skills. “ JW

“This course has increased my confidence and challenged my interpretative and performance skills. There are good opportunities to showcase what you create in lessons.” LW

“I love the amount of independence we get in lessons, such as creating our own musicals.” Lucy W-G

“I have enjoyed learning and watching professional repertoire.” CW

Course Information
  • Course level:Level 3
  • Exam Board:Pearson Edexcel
  • Syllabus:BTEC National Extended Certificate or combined with other Performing Arts courses up to BTEC Extended Diploma