2018 Mathematics Course

Course Information

Mathematics A Level is a linear course taught over two years and is divides into three broad strands of mathematics. Pure mathematics is similar to the algebra taught at grade A GCSE but extends on to new topics such as Calculus, Advanced Geometry and Functions and equations. The other two modules are in applied mathematics. The statistics element covers probability, representing data, calculating measures of central tendency and spread and hypothesis testing. The mechanic module deals with forces and mathematical interactions in the physical world. In this module you study Newtons laws, resolving forces and projectiles.

There is a strong problem solving element to all three strands and examination is by three 2 hour papers at the end of the two years. A Level mathematics is a challenging but rewarding course, and students taking mathematics must be prepared to put in independent study during the course to consolidate their understanding of new topics.

Course requirements

GCSE Maths at grade 7 or above.
A sound understanding of the Algebra topics taught at GCSE.
An ability to reason logically and an enjoyment of problem solving

What type of student is this course suitable for?

A Level Mathematics is challenging but satisfying and promotes logical thought and a rigorous approach to solving problems. If you enjoy algebra at GCSE this would be a good choice of course. You need to be able to persevere with demanding questions independently and be prepared to put in enough time practising questions to be   secure with concepts as they are taught. The course builds week-by-week, on each piece of newly acquired knowledge or skill.

Where could this course take you?

As well as degree opportunities in mathematics, this course could lead to further study in science, engineering, finance or any subject requiring data analysis. Some university courses which have a large mathematic content may require or recommend Maths A Level for entry on to particular courses. All career disciplines and higher education establishments value the high level of thinking skills evidenced by an A Level Maths qualification.

What our students say

  • “I enjoy the mental stretch of AS Maths and realising that I can make that step up to working at this level”
Course Information
  • Course level:A Level
  • Exam Board:AQA