2018 Health and Social Care Course

Course Information

These qualifications cover a wide range of key subject areas in health and social care. The Technical Certificate includes a wide range of units, allowing learners to pursue an interest in the areas of social care, health studies and health sciences.

Students will cover 9 units of the two years of the course, including 75 hours of work experience within a Health & Social Care Setting. The 9 units are:

Equality, Diversity and rights in Health & Social Care

Human growth & Development

Safeguarding in Health & Social Care

Communication in Health & Social Care

Infection Prevention and control in Health & Social Care

Psychological perspectives in Health & Social Care

Sociological perspectives in Health & Social Care

Working in Health & Social Care

Reflective Practice

This combination of units allows students to gain a detailed and in-depth understanding of the Health & Social Care sector. For example, the safeguarding unit explores the laws and legislations which must be adhered to within different Health and Social Care settings such as a nursery, a Primary school or a Care home.

Students will produce a portfolio of work which covers the 9 units over the 2 year course. Students will also complete a synoptic assessment which encourages the learner to combine elements of their learning and to show their accumulated knowledge and understanding across units and/or learning outcomes . This is done in the form of an extended essay which is externally assessed.

Each unit must be achieved in order for students to be able to complete the course. Units are graded from A*-D. This is a different system to normal A Levels, and carries different weighting within the UCAS points system, whereby an A* grade is actually worth more points that an A* in an A Level qualification.

Course Requirements

Students are required to have achieved a minimum of Level 4 in English and Maths. A Level 5 in these subjects is desirable if students wish to pursue their studies at Level 5 in midwifery. A Level 4 in Science is also required for midwifery, but is desirable for other areas. Other circumstances or teachers recommendation will be considered. The requirement for a Grade 4 in English is borne out of the extensive writing required. Students need to display a range of skills including interpretation, justification and analysis and need to be able to convey an in-depth understanding of Health & Social care themes through the use of professional terminology and evidence within answers. As a result, students need the ability to construct portfolio work which is coherent and succinct.

What type of student is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for any student who wishes to pursue a career within the Health & Social Care sector. It will prepare students for a range of professions within the industry. It is suitable for students who wish to learn at their own pace and learn by applying theory. It is suitable for students who wish to enter the workplace at the end of their Key Stage 5 education. The real workplace knowledge is a stepping stone to full employment and so students need to be prepared to spend a minimum of 75 hours of the course in a workplace environment and be willing to develop their skills, show independence and demonstrate the skills they have learned in the classroom. Students must also be able to manage their time effectively in order to meet deadlines and manage their workload efficiently.

Where could this course take you?

This course is ideal for anyone with an interest in working in the social/healthcare sector, particularly for those considering a career in nursing, midwifery, health visiting, childcare or pre-school/nursery assistant. The course also provides foundations for students wishing to pursue a career in social care or counselling. The course is also suitable, as part of a wider programme, for those aspiring to enter into primary school education and teaching as well as social work . This course provides the foundations for further education through courses at University.

What our students say

“I find the course really interesting because there are so many different aspects of Health & Social Care we cover—it gives me lots of options for future careers.”

“The teachers are very supportive and give lots of help and direction and information on how to improve my work.”

“I like the portfolio aspect of the course. It means there are many different ways I can     present my work.”

Course Information
  • Course level:Level 3
  • Exam Board:CACHE