2018 Government and Politics Course

Course Information

Politics is the most relevant and current A level you can study – whilst lessons follow the specification, they are constantly evolving to fit in with current political trends and issues. It is different to any GCSE you have studied – there is a big focus on critical debate and evaluation. You will look at big questions in the world of politics, and consider the impact they have on society as a whole. You will learn how our system of government and politics works. Let’s be honest, you will be joining the fastest growing demographic of voters influencing the future direction of our country… No pressure!!!

The course enables students to develop a wide range of skills including:

  • the ability to comprehend, synthesise and interpret political information
  • analyse and evaluate political knowledge
  • identify connections, assess similarities and differences between the areas studied
  • select relevant material and construct and communicate arguments clearly and coherently using appropriate political vocabulary.
Unit 1: UK PoliticsUnit 2: UK GovernmentUnit 3: Comparative Politics (USA)
Section A: Political Participation:
Democracy & participation
Political Parties
Electoral Systems
Voting behaviour and the media

Section B: Core Political Ideas
Conservatism - Liberalism - Socialism
Section A: UK Government
The Constitution
Prime Minister and the Executive
Relationships between these branches

Section B: Optional Political Ideas
One of Anarchism/ Ecologism/ Feminism/ Multiculturalism/ Nationalism
The US Constitution and Federalism
The Supreme Court and Civil Rights
Democracy and Political Participation
Comparative Theories of International Relations

Course Requirements

  • GCSE grade 5 in English Lang. and Lit.
  • GCSE grade 5 in humanities subjects e.g. History, Geography, REP
  • An interest in politics and current affairs
  • A willingness to contribute ideas and engage in lesson discussion

What type of student is this course suitable for?

A-level Government and Politics is a good choice for students considering a career in the professions, or those who simply want to understand how the world works. Politics goes well with Economics, History, Sociology and English. Politics does not just appeal to Social Science students; increasingly Art and Drama students have enrolled to study Government and Politics, giving them a broader perspective on the world.

Where could this course take you?

Many students who take Government and Politics go on to study Politics at university. From there you might become a researcher, join local or national government or even start on the path to become a future Prime Minister! But there are other job options too. If you fancy a career in journalism or the media, this course is very useful. Students also go on to become teachers or work in the legal profession.

What our students say

“A brilliant lesson for debate!”-KB

“It teaches you about the country we live in”-RW

“A subject I chose on a whim and I’ve never regretted it since!”-EH

“The most relevant subject to understanding the world today”-BC

“A subject that I find fascinating every single lesson”-JM

“Brilliant teachers and lesson resources”-JA

“Definitely the surprise package”-CH

Course Information
  • Course level:A Level
  • Exam Board:Edexcel