2018 Geography Course

Course Information

The A Level Geography course is 2 year A Level which comprises of 3 Units:

  • Physical Geography—3 Units: The Water & Carbon Cycles, Coastal Systems & Landscapes and Coastal Landscapes
    This involves themes including distribution of cycles and environments across the globe, processes and systems which exist in environments and their impact & effects, physical features which exist in environments, changes to environments which take place over time, threats to environments, management of environments to encourage sustainability and specific case studies from global & local locations
  • Human Geography—3 Units: Global Systems & Governance, Changing Places and Contemporary Urban Environments
    Global processes e.g. global trade, Globalisation, impacts & issues relating to global processes, global governance & international organisations, international Issues – climate change, resources & Antarctica, how & why places change – the nature and dynamics of change and resource development & sustainable use – Global Management Strategies
  • Geographical Investigation & Fieldwork
    Students complete an individual investigation which must include data collected in the field. The investigation must be based on a question or issue defined and developed by the student. Staff will provide a pool of themes from which question can be developed. Students must demonstrate subject knowledge from the Physical and Human units. Students must also demonstrate a range of Geographical skills including planning & methodology, data collection & sampling, research, analysis & statistical techniques, evaluation and justification

Geography Course Breakdown and Method of Assessment

Physical GeographyHuman GeographyGeographical Investigation
Length2 hours 30 minutes2 hours 30 minutes3000-4000 word written investigation
Score/Percentage towards grade96 Marks (40% of A Level)96 Marks (40% of A Level)35 Marks (20% of A Level)
Question Type
Mixture of multiple choice, short answer, levels of response & extended prose
Mixture of multiple choice, short answer, levels of response & extended proseN/A
Topics CoveredThe Water & Carbon Cycles
Coastal Systems & Landscapes
Ecosystems under Stress
Global Systems & Governance
Changing Places
Resource Security
Choice of topic from themes supplied by teachers

Course requirements

If students have studied Geography at Key Stage 4 a Grade 5 is desirable. Other circumstances or teachers recommendation will be considered. GCSE English and GCSE Maths at grade 4 is a requirement. The requirement for Grade 4 is linked to the need to write extensive and in-depth answers, displaying an ability to structure and paragraph answers clearly and coherently. The Level 4 requirement in Maths is borne out of the large amount of work with data, including presentation and statistical techniques which students need to be able to demonstrate across each unit.

What type of student is this course suitable for?

The A Level course is suitable for anyone with a passion for Geography. Students really should have a desire to further their knowledge and understanding of the subject. They must be keen to explore ideas, concepts and  theories in-depth, both in the classroom and through wider reading. Students should want to find out information for themselves and not just rely on the classroom as a learning environment. We would expect students to be well informed of current events around the globe and read newspapers, articles, web journals, etc. to further their knowledge and understanding.

Where could this course take you?

A variety of careers await including:


Planning & Development Surveyor

Town/City Planner/Developer

Environmental Consultant

International Aid/Development Worker

Nature Conservation Officer

Tourism Officer




What our students say

“The teachers are great and encourage you to do really well. Geography gives you a greater understanding of the world around you. It’s nice to know how and why things are the way they are.”

“The topics you cover are really interesting and fun to do. No moment is boring! Geography helps you understand more about the world and it works, which is useful”

Course Information
  • Course level:A LEVEL
  • Exam Board:AQA