2018 Chemistry Course

Course Information

Chemistry is life – everything we are and use is made up of elements. This is the course to allow you to see how everything starts from atoms and builds up into a range of molecules all doing different jobs.

The course develops an advanced understanding of the elements, atomic structure, metals, non-metals, organic compounds and plastics. Chemistry is all around us, in the atmosphere, medicines, agriculture and DNA!

If you ever wondered why a milk bottle expands in the freezer or what is the solution to the greenhouse effect then this course explains why. The chemistry course allows you to answer the questions that you have been wanting to ask over the last few years. It allows you to understand the chemical theory behind a range of elements, compounds and reactions.

Course requirements

To get onto the course we recommend that you have achieved two grade 6 or better in core and additional science or, if you have taken triple science, a 6 in the science subject you wish to study and a 6 or better in one of the other two sciences. In addition, having a grade 6 or better in maths would be highly desirable

What type of student is this course suitable for?

If you have an interest in chemistry and would like to develop your understanding then this course is designed for you. You will need to be organised & self-motivated with a sound scientific knowledge and independent learning skills.

Where could this course take you?

A Level Chemistry is well respected by all universities. It helps you improve many skills, such as research and independence, that will help you in the future, whatever career you might be looking to go into even if it is not chemistry based.

What our students say

  • “I enjoy AS Chemistry because it is a challenge and the teaching is really inspiring.”
Course Information
  • Course level:A Level
  • Exam Board:OCR