2018 Business CTECH Course

Course Information

Students study the business environment which includes ownership, finance and functional areas. After this examination, they have the business knowledge to then complete portfolios in marketing, business communication, human resources and a work experience based research project.

Year 1:The
Business Environment (examination)
Customers and Communication (portfolio)

Year 2:
Working in Business (examination)
Marketing and market research (portfolio)

Course Requirements

If students have studied business at Key Stage 4 a 5 is required.
Grade 5 in English also.

What type of student is this course suitable for?

Students who enjoy learning about the world around them and why businesses operate in the way they do would benefit from this course. Students will need to be able to organise their work and time and be able to research independently both in the class setting, at home and on work experience to complete their portfolios.

Where could this course take you?

A Ctech in Business leads to a wide range of degree courses in business and related subjects. Universities praise the study skills students with a vocational A level leave with. Higher level apprenticeships and employment are also other routes for which this Ctech would help support.

What our students say

  • Overall I have enjoyed the course as I feel it has progressed my skills and qualities not only in Business but as a student in general.” – EC, Y13
  • “I have found the course really interesting and enjoyable with a wide range of business topics covered. The lessons have been very supportive and have helped me feel more confident in my own work. .”- MH, Y13
Course Information
  • Course level:Level 3
  • Exam Board:OCR
  • Syllabus:Cambridge Technical